Digital Multimeters and Their Functionalities


If you wanted to know what a digital multimeter is and its functionalities, you have landed on the right page as this blog will let you know all these details regarding multimeters. A multimeter is electronic equipment that measures the amps, ohms and volts. It is a flexible tool that combines the abilities of three separate meters into a single one. In simpler words, ammeter, voltmeter, and ohmmeter are combined into one to measure the current, voltage and resistance respectively.

Multimeters are hand-held tools that do the basic measurements and troubleshooting. Such instruments are used to measure the electrical output with a great level of accuracy. These devices are used to service the electrical issues in different residential and industrial applications including motor controls, batteries, small and large appliances, all types of wiring systems and electric power supplies. The multimeters are of two types – analog and digital. While the analog multimeters make use of a needle, the digital ones have an LCD or LED display.

Digital MultimetersThe digital multimeters have replaced their traditional analog counterparts though the latter is used even today for several applications. The digital multimeters provide a very precise reading that is useful for any sort of application. The digital multimeters called DMM are sophisticated electronic devices that are employed to resolve electrical problems in various fields needing service and maintenance. Inexpensive units of DMM’s can be used to perform tasks such as measurement of volts, amps, and ohms along with some additional features. The expensive units come with advanced features that handle complicated and intricate electrical measurements in several industries.

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