Growth of Manufacturing Industries -An Indian Scenario

manufacturingThe investors have shown a great interest when it comes to investing in the Manufacturing Setup in India. The country holds a great potential because of the cheap labor and low land prices. It is the seventh largest country in terms of area, but second in terms of population. The trading has not only done well for the investors but also for the people who were leading a low quality life. These statistics has been furnished by a civil engineering consultancy in chennai, which works in making an automobile set up a manufacturing hub in the gateway city of Southern India. More information can be compiled by browsing the website in the World Wide Web.

Cheap labor & land prices

India can serve the investors in the same way as that of the other countries like Singapore, Dubai etc but at the cheap prices. This gives the investors to earn huge profits and hence Trading in India has become the preferable choice for many people. The demand for the Manufacturing Setup in India has increased so much that the investors are even not considering the option of China because they are more willing to invest in India only. The country has already the plants of various automobiles giants like Honda, Tata, Maruti and many more which is a great achievement. Many other global automobile companies are also making up the mind of setting up its own manufacturing plant in India. There is no doubt of the fact that the cheap prices of land as well as labor have helped a lot in the development of this country and this will continue to do so as well.

Growth of mobile phone industry

manufactureWhen it comes to the Mobile companies then also India is not lagging behind. It does not have any major head quarters here but certainly there are various branches of some of the major mobile giants like the Nokia, Motorola, Samsung and many more. The other factor which has played an important role in the growth of manufacturing set up in a country is India Market Entry Strategy. The Government has made some simple policies following which, one can think about making or starting its own company in India. It has also been seen that most of the companies which have been set up in India are the outsourcing companies.

Increased GDP

The people living in India are more talented when it comes to offering the services to clients than any other part of the world. The companies have also accepted to this fact and hence most of the companies which have been set up are the multinational companies. According to a survey, it has been proved that the GDP i.e. Growth Domestic Progress of the country is almost double of the countries like United States and United Kingdom. Moreover, the India Market Entry Strategy is very much similar to the other countries and hence they do not need any modifications. India is helping numerous businesses to enter the market in the first place or supporting their strategic business development in India.